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Re: Telecine and the future????

>I need to know
>what I am getting on the NEG, not what can be done in the transfer.
>Especially for a film finish.

> Don't save me, don't help me. Give me a true one light and don't mess
>with the gamma curves, or crushing the blacks or saving the highlights.


A certain amount of manipulation will always be necessary simply because the
full dynamic range of a negative cannot be translated 1:1 into video.
We are talking about a 3000:1 range on film compared to the 7:1 for a  good
video monitor.  Somewhere, someone has to decide what part of the range
needs to be preserved for future use.  Your friendly local Colorist is where
this usually happens.

On an 8 bit tape format you can only represent in the order of 200 levels of
luminance.  Even a badly shot negative can do better than that!

I'm not sure you can get what you want.


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