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RE: Personal feelings

I think that mailing lists will always go through cycles of too tight then
too loose, it's the nature of the way they work.

You'll upset some people that it's too tight and some that it's too loose.

You can't win Rob :-)

TIG has thrived and survived for a long time now, because of the way that
YOU run it.

Personally I feel it's too much like your living room and not enough like
a bar, BUT, if it moves more towards a bar then it's going to offend a LOT
of people who don't expect that from TIG.

Go with what you feel is right, if anyone else want's to start their own
list they can, and they can mail me and I'll tell them what a right royal
pain it can be at times!

Thanks for TIG

Geoff Boyle (CML)

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