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RE: Telecine and the future????

> Don't save me, don't help me.

Give me as much help as you can :-)

But only at the final transfer, I want to know what's on the neg. on the
dailies and how I can provide a better neg. for the colourist to work

Using the Kodak grey Plus card and setting up to that for dailies give me
flat uninteresting dailies but at least I can see what's happening!

Last week I didn't shoot a grey scale or give any instructions to the
colourist which resulted in dailies that were straight down the middle.
This was great as I wanted 2 looks, one flat and grey and the other
contrasty, black and saturated.

I could get close to either look from my straight rushes by playing with
the contrast and brightness and saturation of the monitor :-)

Clients were happy!

Final transfer was done properly, thanks Martin/601.


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