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Re: Micro-mirror semiconductor devices (and others)

I hate to correct someone as respected as Bill Hogan, but he is not quite
right - or at least not quite relevant - when he says that Digital
Projection is owned by the same company as Cintel.

Digital Projection came out of a development at Brimar - best known to us
as the tube people - when it, and Cintel, were part of the Rank
Organisation. As we all know, a couple of years ago Rank decided to get out
of the manufacturing business and sold off Cintel, Brimar et al.

Unfortunately, Rank was so desperate to sell the companies that they did
not allow enough time for the directors to organise a proper management
buyout, so the businesses were sold to a mindless money organisation,
Schroder Ventures. And in one of the most dismal examples of short-term
thinking, Schroder looked at the Digital Projection business, saw that it
was not at the time shipping product, and declined to buy it. So it stayed
with Rank for a while longer while its directors organised a management
buyout, with the support of buyout finance specialist company 3i.

Six months on Cintel and Brimar got its act together and organised the
management buyout, again using funding from 3i. So it is true that the same
finance house has an interest in IPI (the holding company for Cintel and
Brimar) and Digital Projection, but that is the only link.

Bill is correct in saying that Cintel developed much of the signal
processing digital electronics, and still builds and tests the boards for
Digital Projection, which proudly boasts of the connection in its

Hope this helps


PS I am not being paid to write this message, but I was paid to write
Digital Projection's brochures last year.

Thanks to Cinesite for support in 1999
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