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RE: HD Television sets

>The problem?  None of the sets were tuned or connected to anything even
close to HDTV.  They, in fact, ALL looked worst than the $300 sets >around
the corner.

Hey, its just the same in the UK. Over here, widescreen (16x9 standard def)
is the new buzzword. If you go into Currys or Tempo (the UK equivalents of
Circuit City/Radio Shack), ALL the 16x9 sets are displaying a S T R E T C H
E D 4x3 image, making the news anchors look overweight!

Nothing changes.

Just to say, I, as a mere Brit, didn't know that "stuff", when translated to
American means "crap" (After Paul's Electrum/ITK faux pas). Hey, he's
(we're) only English! Maybe if he'd used the word "Goodies" all the Brits
would think of is a cat on the Post Office Tower!

Here we go....

I'm not paid by or employed by etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah

Jeff Booth

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