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"Technology Expo"

To All:

This Wednesday, June 16, 1999 RFX will have a visual effects technology expo at
their company location on Seward St. in Hollywood.  This will allow you to learn
about file servers and data handling technology.  We have talked about the
"Virtual Telecine" and data output for the newer telecines and they are really up
on the latest technologies.

For further information and free registration go to their web site at:


They are asking for registration because they are serving food, beer and sodas.
What more could you ask for?

By the way RFX does know something about interfacing with telecines as they put
together the data recording and manipulation for Cintel  at this year's NAB.  This
same technology would be applicable for all film to data applications.

The usual disclaimer applies.

Regards, Bill Hogan    Sprocket Digital

Thanks to Cinesite for support in 1999
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