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Personal feelings

Rob said:
>Would everyone like a completely open list with no 'marketing' rules?

Geoff said:
>Personally I feel it's too much like your living room and not enough like
>a bar,

I love the TIG, and feel that it is not only tremendously important for
this part of the industry to have a MODERATED discussion forum, but also a
great personal achievement for Rob. Thanks, Rob.

That said, I do agree with Geoff, though, to an extent, as illustrated by a
recent example:

Someone asked on the TIG about the ARRI Varicon. On the CML (Cinematography
Mailing List, the list run by Geoff) I would simply have answered the
question on the list, and given some URLs for more info on the product. I
know this stuff, since I work for the manufacturer (ARRI). On the TIG,
though, I decided to send a private email to the person asking the
question, since I felt that I might violate the "no marketing" rule. The
question is: did the TIG avoid marketing, or did the TIG loose out by not
getting this info?

By the way, there really is no blatant marketing on the CML, at least as
long as I recall. Most manufacturers try to provide factual information
where it is asked for, and every once in a while post a short message about
items of interest like what will be shown during a trade show or what new
info is available on their website. These posts are usually one or 2 lines,
and I think appreciated by the CML. Even though it could be called
marketing, it is actually useful information.

I think the important (and fuzzy) distinction is between blatant marketing
(which Geoff does not allow and which will get you kicked out) that wastes
bandwidth and short, useful information from a manufacturer.

One of the Listmums of the CML stated it nicely in a post this weekend when
he stated that a manufacturer 'was using the opporunity to promote his
company and not adding anything to the discussion by doing so. "


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