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HDTV Film Recorder

>I was asked the following question today from the US
>"HD based film recorder - see the need for one?  Pro/con?"

How do you build a house without a foundation?

First, interlaced HD source material should be banned by international
treaty. Let's assume 1920x1080, 24p.

Settling that, the next issue would be which committee will decide on
the target film aperture? 1920x1080 falls just short of 1/2 res ( 2K )
full app 35mm, and just beyond 1/2 res Academy, in terms of width.
Height has plenty of room. For the time being you could re-res HD images
to fit into these existing apertures with a letterbox look on film. Most
of our work is done at 1/2 res, so I'm sure a number of producers would
buy it. Finalizing the aperture would be left to this effective,
imaginary committee. Recorders could be built down to satisfy the new

I wonder about the look of a compressed image from an HD recorder blown
up onto the big screen, generations and all. Might that be a show
stopper? I also wonder about the demand for HD onto film. I don't
imagine there's a big market for sporting events or Jay Leno or The Rose
Parade on film. Perhaps archiving might be the means to support this

If compressed images look good or recording technology improves, we'll
find a new film production stream involving HD cameras, posting on
videotape. Sony's already started down that path with their DV Cam /
Electron Beam Recorder combination, and low budget films are going that

So to answer the question: Yes, once the foundation is laid.


Disclaimer: I don't work for an equipment manufacturer, but my company
is owned by one. All of the above is my own opinion.

Jeff Christopherson
Digital Imaging Engineer, Cinesite Hollywood.

"The media is like the weather, only it's man made weather."
                                         - Mickey Knox

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