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RE: Electrum

Mike Orton, my elder colleague down the street, recently complained that the
Flame-News list held a more INTELLIGENT debate on C-Reality/Spirit than
recent TIG debates. He failed to mention that he was indeed a contributor to
that Flame-News debate using unbelievably proper (Queen's) English and
complete lack of colourful expletives, while also posting related comments
to the TIG including his usual witty remarks. Is Dr. Jekell getting along
with Mr. Hyde? :-]

On that note, here goes my whining:

1. Will I ever see a schematic diagram for an Innovation TK product?

2. Will I ever get a partial refund on my Cintel Diamond Upgrade Kit, for
the Diamond-Set part that doesn't work?

3. Will my (er-Bob's) Spirit ever get the extended color correction range
update shown at NAB?

Randy Reck
Telecine Engineer-in-Training (TEIT)

PS Mike, I owe you a pint for slander. Can we get Cintel to pay for it?

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