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RE: HD Television sets, stuff et al

At 8:48 AM +0100 6/15/99, Jeff Booth wrote:

>Just to say, I, as a mere Brit, didn't know that "stuff", when translated to
>American means "crap" (After Paul's Electrum/ITK faux pas). Hey, he's
>(we're) only English! Maybe if he'd used the word "Goodies" all the Brits
>would think of is a cat on the Post Office Tower!

I had an American colleague (to remain anonymous- Hi Gary!) mail me offline
about the whole "stuff" thing, a little while ago. I think my reply was
worth posting....

message starts

"Dear ashamed of Los Angeles: "Stuff" can be a good thing or a bad thing
depending on how you use it. Good as in " I'm getting lots of free stuff".
Bad as in "I've got a load of stuff to wade through".

Of course it can be really bad as in "The stuff thats been written on the
TIG recently is nothing but a F*ck*ng waste of time". That would be bad.

I hope this clears it up for you.



message ends

Now, just to clarify matters, this was sent before the TIG picked up quite
a bit recently with some very interesting discussions about Digital
Projection and electronic cinema. As for Paul's "faux pas", I admire a guy
who speaks his mind (for obvious reasons). I particularly enjoyed Dick
Hobbs' bluntness about the mindset of the venture capitalists involved with
the Rank purchase:

"And in one of the most dismal examples of short-term
thinking, Schroder looked at the Digital Projection business, saw that it
was not at the time shipping product, and declined to buy it."

Which basically goes to show they were just a bunch of wankers in suits.

Finally, the latest message from John Sprung

"Film telecined to 601....
can look so good on a consumer CRT or RP display that real HD is barely
worth the bother."

Reminds me about taking folks on a tour of post facilities (or Studios, as
they like to be called now), and having them stop in front of a 601
monitor, asking "is this High-Definition Television?" To which the answer
was: nope, that's the way its supposed to look.
Once again: it's my understanding there is no actual mandate for *High
Definition TV* in the US, only *Digital TV*, and we as a group appear to be
able to confuse the two, so what chance has poor Joe Public got?


Mike O

Disclaimer: I'm freelance right now, so I don't work for anyone in
particular, and I dont give a toss. I did, however, install a C-Reality at
525 a couple of months ago, which I have grown to really like, despite
myself, and despite a long and checkered history with (Rank) Cintel.

PS the "Cat on the Post Office Tower" is one of those British arcana, which
will remain forever shrouded in mystery, much like the meaning of "stuff",
the making of tea, and the full implications of the word "shagged".

PPS Hi to Festa!

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