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open season on bashing

"Randy K. Reck" wrote:
> 3. Will my (er-Bob's) Spirit ever get the extended color correction range
> update shown at NAB?

Honestly Randy, It's not the Philips party that I'm worried about. Lets
hope our friends in Ft Lauderdale can get a handle on controlling it
this year. I understand they are very busy.

> Randy Reck
> Telecine Engineer-in-Training (TEIT)

Oh Randy...your so coy. You know I think you're the best.

"Robert Lovejoy" wrote:
>     OK, I'll fess up to my ignorance.  What is the Flame-News list?  Might
> someone fill me in as to how to access the intelligent debate I've been
> missing?

Message to 'Flame-news-request at discreet.com'. A simple 'help' in the
text will get you info for this sea of noise. It's a nice list if you
have time to weed out all of the graphic heads who want to know who this
guy 'root' is. I found most of the posts regarding telecine to be
defensive positions by those who own a given technology, aimed to those
pen and tablet wielders who really don't care how their tapes got to
them in the first place.

Although, I'm constantly amazed at the great quality of sparks available
to these artists. Telecine manufacturers need only look at the number of
licensable applets available in Flame or Fire to get some great ideas on
what colorists want today. They make it so easy to add a coral wash,
grain, scratches, vignettes, film burn, etc. with all kinds of handles
on the technique. I know that these aren't real time effects but some
days I feel like we are all working in the stone age.

Can you tell its been a slow week? Thanks for the Prozac Jason.

Bob Festa			festa at encorevideo.com
Director of Advanced Imaging	festa at pacbell.net
Encore Santa Monica		310 656 7663

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