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Re: The way the TIG is run

Hello Everyone

Just a note regarding the TIG and the way Rob runs things maybe from a
slightly more international perspective. I spent 12 years in Asia. Up until
about one month ago I was M.D. and owner of a company in Bangkok that was a
distributor for Cintel, DaVinci, Discreet and several other major players
in our industry. Now I am back in the USA. However that is another story.
The TIG for me has been an incredible resource and I sincerely wish to
thank Rob for providing such a great service to our industry. It has helped
me stay in touch with technical developments in the telecine and post field
as well as keep in contact with many friends and associates in the
industry. Please remember there is allot of industry professionals (both
junior and senior) all over the world that look to the TIG to both inform
and educate.  

My opinion is the TIG is an evolving entity which should not be
commercialized or allowed to slide into any form of self serving promotion.
It seems rather obvious to me that Rob has worked very hard to preserve the
integrity of the TIG and at the same time broaden the TIG's scope and
The bottom line is the TIG will never serve the interests of everyone that
may wish to participate. However in my view that is not what it all about.
It is about providing a democratic forum which we can exchange ideas. It
not about indoctrination and frankly we already have more than enough
sources which strive to meet that somewhat bent and twisted goal. 

Rob you have my vote and support to continue to moderate and control the
TIG as you see fit. I think you have done a wonderful job. Keep on trucking.

Eric Mercer

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