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Telecine and the future????

<veenotph at earthlink.net> wrote:
>Nowadays I don't get FILM dailies, I get video dailies.
>Well for my purposes they are insufficient and misleading.  I need to know
>what I am getting on the NEG, not what can be done in the transfer.
>Especially for a film finish.

A common complaint!  That's why Kodak invented Telecine Exposure Calibration 
(TEC) Film and the Gray Card Plus.  With these tools the colorist can give 
the cinematographer "transfer points" akin to printer lights from the 
negative timer.  That way, you have a pretty good idea if it's on the film 
regardless of how the video dailies look.

Any gray card can be used as long as it's 18 percent reflectance, neutral and 
evenly lighted to represent the way the film was exposure.  There -- now it's 
not such a commercial. ;-)

Don Ver Ploeg
Kodak consultant

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