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Re: Telecine and the future????

>Any gray card can be used as long as it's 18 percent reflectance, neutral
> and evenly lighted to represent the way the film was exposure.

When used correctly these reference systems work well: TEC, Grey Card Plus,
Gamma and Density, etc.  The problem is that more often than not the
reference cards are not photographed in any condition that is relevant to
what will be in front of the lens later.

I think we've all seen examples of a reference card shot and then the camera
is panned 90 degrees to shoot the real scene... or the case of a light being
turned on and aimed at the card and then turned-off for the real shoot.

Another point is that until the film-makers get serious about what equipment
they use to view their dailies with there's no amount of technology we can
throw at the problem from the post end to give them a better product.

-Martin Euredjian
Telecine Engineer
Todd-AO/Hollywood Digital

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