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RE: Telecine and the future????

> I think we've all seen examples of a reference card shot and
> then the camera
> is panned 90 degrees to shoot the real scene... or the case of
> a light being
> turned on and aimed at the card and then turned-off for the real shoot.

I plead guilty to doing this regularly, but it's not a mistake, it's a
clearly taken decision.

I have shot a grey card at a known exposure and with a reference light so
that if the picture is graded to this then I can incorporate an off-set in
the way that I expose and the colour of the light that I use to get the
look that I want.

If I shoot the grey card in the set then any variations that I've made to
colour balance and level to get a specific look will be negated.

The biggest problems with dailies is that, generally, they're not done by
colourists, well you know what I mean:-)

In an ideal world the dailies op would hit an autoset button on a grey
plus card or G&D card and then his hands would be nailed to the bench! I
would like some way of getting neg density reports as well but I'm afraid
the systems that are available are way beyond the capabilities of dailies
transfer people.



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