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Star Wars Ecinema

To all:

Just stopped by the AMC theaters in Burbank to buy my ticket for tomorrow's
showing (first show at 1:30 pm) of the electronically projected Star Wars -
Phantom Menace.

Several questions were answered.  NO -- They are not trying to keep secret that it
is showing electronically.  Signs were everywhere.  Signs from AMC stating "Be
part of history.  See the first film to be shown digitally"  Also many signs
(lobby placards and hanging signs from TI  with the words "Welcome to the future
of Cinema" and the "DLP" Technology.

Also the interest is very high here in LA.  The ticket seller said that the first
show is nearly sold out.

A bunch of us are going to this first show.  If you want to attend this show I
suggest that you go to the web site:   http://amctheaters.com/ and buy your ticket

We are going to meet at the MARKET CITY CAFE next to the theater at 11:30 am for

More to report after the show.

Regards. Bill Hogan

v. 818-566-7700
bhogan at sprocketdigital.com

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