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Telecine and the future?

Geoff Boyle 18/06/99 8:29 :

>>  I think we've all seen examples of a reference card shot 
>>  and then the camera is panned 90 degrees to shoot 
>>  the real scene.  --Martin Euredjian
> I plead guilty to doing this regularly, but it's not a mistake, 
> it's a clearly taken decision...  If I shoot the grey card in 
> the set then any variations that I've made to colour balance 
> and level to get a specific look will be negated --Geoff Boyle

Right Geoff! this is the only _practical_ use of a reference card 
for both telecine transfer and answer print. 
There is a lab (LTC/Paris) which gives the DPs their Printer Light 
equivalents directly out of the telecine session.
For this purpose the keylink GreyFinder maths had to be altered 
to respect LTC's recommendations, and no longer the TEC ones...

Next time in Paris take an hour or two to meet Didier de Keyser,
LTC labs tech manager, we will all be happy to read your comments
on his method. 


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