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Re: Telecine and the future????

  Hello all,
 I regularly set up my Telecine and GreyFinder using the Kodak TEC.  When my
clients request it I can give them accurate 'transfer points' at the push of
a button.  I have come to rely on this combination for evaluating film
exposures whenever I question it also.  By using the GreyFinder I can also
include the information in the client's data base and a printout.
Unfortunately many productions do not shoot Gray Card Plus and therefore do
not get the full benefit of the system.  GreyFinder allows me to take a
reading from anywhere on the  film frame and will display numbers, but
without the card these numbers are difficult to evaluate.  Perhaps more
people would use the Gray Card Plus if more transfer facilities offered the
service, and perhaps more facilities would offer the service if pressured by
their clients.
  Some technology never catches on. I hope this is not such an example.

  Happy transfers,

Chandler 'Randy' Coonfield
Colorist,  Matchframe Video Burbank
randycoonfield at mfv.com
doctorpepper at msn.com


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