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RE: Telecine and the future????

To all,

I usually keep quiet and only read all of the wonderful posts made by all of
the telecine gurus found on this forum.  This particular subject is a thorn
in my side! :)   The methods used to screen video dailies has always
bothered me.  The world of "A" feature films, big studio productions anyway,
still screen dailies in a theater.  I often wonder how these film dailies
would look if they projected them outside, on the side of the camera truck!
The director et al would be asking why everything looks so bad.  If
productions that use video dailies would put the effort into screening their
video dailies the way others screen their film dailies, a lot of complaining
and uneasy feelings could be eliminated.  Of course the most important thing
is communication, we are in the communications industry.  I feel the
colorist is an extension of the camera crew and needs the DP to direct
him/her to ensure the product is completed in the desired fashion.  I have
had DP's complain sometimes after 3 weeks of unsupervised dailies, without
any prior communication.  Why wait 3 weeks to tell the colorist you don't
like what you are seeing?  Then after they come into the telecine bay and we
view it from the master videotape, they often say it looks wonderful and
nothing like what they saw on the set or at home, usually on a VHS source!
Of course, the people monitoring this list are probably already very
communicative with their telecine colorists, it's the one's that don't read
this list that are probably the biggest offenders of not communicating!

Shaley J. Brooks
Telecine Colorist
Anderson Video/ 4MC

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