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Re: Telecine and the future????

> In the world of
> independent productions, dalies tapes become "video workprints" for Avid or
> Lightworks stations.  They are also often screened under much better
> conditions than prevail on a set when producers want to show investors that
> they've got a project that's worth financing.  Under such circumstances, the
> quality of dalies tapes can make or break productions.

This is very true Christopher. Also the quality of a one light can determine
whether shots get used in the final edit or not. A high end telecine can
grade shots to usable standards that perhaps a dailies machine would not,
thus changing an editorial decision and the shot not being discarded. The
way some of the latest generation of machines handle exposure latitude is
The second user telecine market generally accommodates the dailies market.
They are often priced at the same price as a new low cost dailies machine
but offer far better results but perhaps require more maintenance, hence the
lack of these dailies only machines.

Kind wishes
Paul Grace


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