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Maxi Vision

Did anyone happen to catch Siskel and Ebert last night?  There was a lengthy
discussion about the future of release prints vs. video projection release.
Roger Ebert spent some time explaining why he wasn't very excited about
video projection in the theater.  He explained that he has seen many
demonstrations that only came close to the quality of film.  The show then
went on to show a new film format called Maxi Vision.  It uses standard 35mm
film that is sized to the full frame (no optical audio track).  The
manufacturer claimed something close to 30% more picture area.  The film is
also shot and projected at 48fps.  The manufacturer also talked about a
image stability system built into the projector. The cinematographers
interviewed all claimed that the pictures that were 200% better.  Roger
Ebert went on to say how much better it looked than anything he had seen
before.   Has anyone heard of this format?  Does anyone know how the
stability system works?  Does anyone think that a system like this could get
more support than digital cinema?

Erik Utter
Flying Spot, Seattle

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