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Re: Maxi Vision

> The film is
> also shot and projected at 48fps.  The manufacturer also talked about a
> image stability system built into the projector. The cinematographers
> interviewed all claimed that the pictures that were 200% better.  Roger
> Ebert went on to say how much better it looked than anything he had seen
> before.   Has anyone heard of this format?  Does anyone know how the
> stability system works?  Does anyone think that a system like this could get
> more support than digital cinema?

No. Double the negative stock and processing, double the release print
order, lots of projector noise, and the cost of new projectors ==
marketplace failure. Like it or not (and I'm still undecided on that one),
video projection is, in the words of Texas Instruments, the "future of
cinema." I just hope for a while, at least, that video is not the "future of

Mike Most

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