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Re: HD recorders, part II

"Mike (the Brit) Orton" wrote:
> Here's the second posting, from the flame-news group. Comments anyone?:
Just a couple:

1) Yeah, those were part of a very interesting thread over in the 'flame-news'
mail-list. Just like the messages on last week's digital video projection of
Star Wars which I saw reposted here.

2) Although there are some areas of overlapping interest in these two
mail-lists, and I suppose it's "nice" of the readers of one to share items of
common interest with all the readers of the other, I prune my mail-list
subscriptions regularly to keep the volume of my mail down, and subscribe
carefully to lists in which I'm interested. I don't like having to download
numerous messages twice, into two mail-lists, for the benefit of
non-subscribers of one. Maybe this practice could be altered to notice and
subscription info?

Just a suggestion.
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