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Hollywood SMPTE at Tonight Show

To All:

This Wednesday, June 23 the Local Hollywood SMPTE Section will hold
their last meeting before a summer break at NBC Burbank.  This will take
place at Studio 3, Burbank the home of the Jay Leno Tonight Show.

The program "Producing the The Tonight Show in HD" will be presented by:

Jim Powell, VP, Entertainment Production Operations
Gary Considine, Executive Producer, NBC Studios
Mike Stamisky, Technical Director, The Tonight Show
Gary Thorns, Lighting Director, The Tonight Show
George Hamilton, Engineering Manager, The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show was first broadcast in HD on April 26, 1999 and became
the first regular scheduled HD show to  be broadcast in the US.  The
above persons will discuss the production and engineering aspects of
producing the show in High Definition.  A tour of the facility will
follow the presentations.  The show will be shown in HD as it is being
shown  to the East Coast from the feed that will be taking place during
the SMPTE meeting.

All persons are welcome (SMPTE members or not).   No reservations are
needed.  Just show up and enter NBC at the Main Gate off of Bob Hope
Drive on the East Side of NBC.  The Program starts at 8:00 pm Wednesday,
June 23.

Hope to see everyone there.

Best Regards,  Bill Hogan

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