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Re: HD recorders

Both HDcam and D5-HD are unavoidable temporary interim formats,
kind of like 1" A and B.  My policy for stuff that must be done
in HD now is to use whichever is the house format of the vendor
doing the work, and when it's all done, make a protection for
the archive on the other format.

D-6 looks like D-1, only more so.  It makes sense as a working
format for high end complex effects, but not for high volume
stuff that doesn't require much processing. That's most of TV.

Given a finite bandwidth, or a finite storage capacity, and
given that the objective is merely to record, edit, and play,
an appropriate level of compression will always produce a better
picture than uncompressed recording.  Consider a 400 x 300 pixel
uncompressed picture.  Compare that with 800 x 600 with 4:1
compression, and with 1600 x 1200 with 16:1 compression.  Put them
up side by side the same size.  Try a range of viewing distances.
The bandwidth/file size is the same for all three.

When more than mere record, cut, and playback is required, things
get trickier.  The more you compress and the more you manipulate
the image, the more likely something will come back to bite you.
We were scared of compression when D-Beta first came out, and
tested it thoroughly.  That very mild (2:1) compression has been
so trouble free that perhaps we're not scared enough of the 7:1
compression that's coming with the HD formats.

D-6 can record HD uncompressed.  With mild outboard compression,
it may be an interesting way of working with, say, 3k x 4k images.

-- J.S.

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