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Re: HD recorders

>Both HDcam and D5-HD are unavoidable temporary interim formats,
>kind of like 1" A and B.  
Not to beat an old, old horse to death, but 1" B was technically superior
in every way imaginable to the 1" C format which eventually prevailed.

1" B never caught on because Bosch did little to market the format, seeming
to feel that the inherent superiority of the format would be sufficient to
get people to buy it. Sony, meanwhile, spent their time seeding many
stations and postproduction companies in the US with their 1" machines at
initially very low prices.

By the time Bosch woke up, the battle for 1" was over, the inferior format
having outwitted and outmarketed the superior one.

Sounds quite a bit like the software biz, no? ;-)


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