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RE: HD recorders

	John Sprung wrote:
	When more than mere record, cut, and playback is required, things
	get trickier.  The more you compress and the more you manipulate
	the image, the more likely something will come back to bite you.
	We were scared of compression when D-Beta first came out, and
	tested it thoroughly.  That very mild (2:1) compression has been
	so trouble free that perhaps we're not scared enough of the 7:1
	compression that's coming with the HD formats.

	I thought you all might be interested in a test we did at RIOT Santa
Monica.  We transferred Green Screen material from a Spirit to HDCam, D5,
and a full bit rate DDR.  We loaded the material into an Inferno and set the
key using the DDR xfer material.  We then applied the same set up to the
HDCam and D5 material.  The result was undetectable from one format to the

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