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RE: HD recorders

Larry wrote:

>	I thought you all might be interested in a test we did at RIOT Santa
>Monica.  We transferred Green Screen material from a Spirit to HDCam, D5,
>and a full bit rate DDR.  We loaded the material into an Inferno and set the
>key using the DDR xfer material.  We then applied the same set up to the
>HDCam and D5 material.  The result was undetectable from one format to the

I dont disagree that this will happen: but factor into the equation that
the Spirit is *not* full bandwidth on all 3 channels, although green will
be pretty good as a result of the 1920 Y samples, then also factor into the
equation that you are **recording in a 22:11:11 YUV format**, which all
those devices use.

Another item: while I was pondering this next question, I got an e-mail
from our town's favorite scientist Jim Fancher, wondering the same thing:
what were you viewing on?
I'm sure that one of the aims is to do work which will withstand the
improvements which must happen in display technology. I've already had a
Sony representative tell me that HDCAM (compressed) looked every bit as
good as D5 (uncompressed) in an edit suite situation. Well, that may be so,
but upon inquiry, it transpired that they were monitoring on a Sony
2830(sic?) HD monitor. The Sony spec sheet tells me that this will resolve
only about 1000 "lines" of the 1920 "lines" available.

I see that there is already a possibility of working at 22:22:22 (the
"4:4:4" of HD). My bet is that many artists will demand this resolution, in
order to avoid the bandwidth restrictions when green- or especially
blue-screening, which are such a feature of working in the 601 domain.

There must be many other TIG'rs out there who would be very interested in
more details of your test, Larry. It is good to see that your position as
potential market driving force is being backed up with engineering testing.
This form of reality checking needs to be continued and quantified. There's
far too much fashion and hysteria about these days, and not enough hard

Mike Orton

stirring the pot as usual

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