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IP and how long is a piece of string.

Thanks to all those that answered my first question.

Hope you don't mind a few more.

I understand the logic of IP from a perspective of quality in relation to
the ioriginal negative and film(laboratory) grading perspective.

What gets me, having dealt with IP, release print and print on low contrast
stock is the difficulty grading on telecine from IP. The machines and film
seem to be very sensitive to the smallest change, so what happens is the IP
grade can take significantly longer, where grading from a low contast print
gives a good/excellent result and a far easier garding process.

The question? How long would you expect to take grading a feature film (say
100 minutes duration) coming from IP?

As a facilities manager this becomes a huge issue.

Over to you :)

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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