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DLT comments, want your view

Just got back from LA, and one evening went to the AMC TI DLT Star Wars

Here are my comments, and I would appreciate anyone who sees it to either
verify or confirm what I saw:

Just prior to the beginning of the film, there are 2 green prompts, one
with white text, and one with black text. 

The White text on  solid Green  background looked overloaded, (white text
not sharp, blown out) kind of like what I have seen on video projection

The next Black text on solid Green background, the letter "N"  near the
center of the screen had obvious jagged steps on the diagonal portion,
but it is only up for a couple seconds.

With these two comments back to back, before the beginning of the show, I
was beginning to wonder if I was going to be displeased with the show,
but I wasn't, it looked quite nice,  with the exception of one 30 second
portion.   In this portion,  the Jedi with the beard is talking to young
Skywalker, and I thought the blacks were very buried. No other scene
showed this problem, and in fact a minute or so before this overly dark
scene I remember looking at the Queen's black hair and the dark brown
hair barrette she had in it and thinking that the low light level was
real good.  Maybe it was the effect they wanted in this scene, but it
came off (to me) as being being a fault. This observation was the only
bad video observation, and because there are eyes better than mine, I'd
appreciate someone who is about to go to this show with this projector to
comment on these three and post your answer.   

(insert the "Wish I could afford a 1939 Indian" here)    Jan

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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