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Re: HD recorders

Mike (the Brit) Orton wrote:
... but factor into the equation that
> the Spirit is *not* full bandwidth on all 3 channels, although green will
> be pretty good as a result of the 1920 Y samples....

Hi Mike.

Don't really see why green should be better. The Spirit does not sample
YUV. It samples lum. at 1920 and RGB at 960. A full RGB signal is then
derived from combining these. It does not become YUV before the very end
of the signal path. If using enhanced I/O it becomes 8:4:4 at the
output, the DaVinci 8:8:8 can take this signal for greater bandwith.

> I see that there is already a possibility of working at 22:22:22 (the
> "4:4:4" of HD). My bet is that many artists will demand this resolution, in
> order to avoid the bandwidth restrictions when green- or especially
> blue-screening, which are such a feature of working in the 601 domain.

We have often transferred SD material as RGB data into Inferno for croma
keys. It is indeed an improvement even over 10bit YUV. I know the 2K
DaVinci can take a 4:4:4 HD signal from the dual output HD Spirit
interface but see no reason to follow this route as an alternative to
RGB exept perhaps for speed. This is because the Spirit only has one
Hippi output and GSN seems delayed for another year. Also you would need
a 4:4:4 HD recorder at both ends (also at the workstation).

If we start looking at disk to disk grading 2 Hippi cards can be used on
the server. 

Best regards


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