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Re: HD recorders

At 04:15 PM 6/27/99 +0200, Kris wrote:
>Mike (the Brit) Orton wrote:
>... but factor into the equation that
>> the Spirit is *not* full bandwidth on all 3 channels, although green will
>> be pretty good as a result of the 1920 Y samples....
>Hi Mike.
>Don't really see why green should be better. The Spirit does not sample
>YUV. It samples lum. at 1920 and RGB at 960. A full RGB signal is then
>derived from combining these. It does not become YUV before the very end
>of the signal path. 

If I may interject.....the point, I think, is that due to the matrix
coefficients used (and the properties of visual acuity upon which they are
based), the luma channel is more weighted toward green, and vice versa.  So
considering that it is essentially a luma channel that is being sampled at
1920 pixels, it is the green channel that will benefit the most.'


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