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Re: HD recorders

Phil --

This raises an interesting question as to what the Spirit actually does.
Given a set of RGB samples, it's easy to compute Y, for a given standard.
For instance, for Rec 709, Y = 0.2126R + 0.7152G + 0.0722B.

For each set of RGB samples, such a Y could be computed.  But there are
also a pair of Y samples, left and right, from the same region on the film.
I wonder if the Y from the luminance equation above equals the average of
the two corresponding left and right Y samples.  It seems that they could
do without the 960 pixel wide green sensor, and use that left/right average
in the matrix to get R-Y and B-Y for 22:11:11. Or, they could use the same
R&B values with the two different Y's and get a pseudo 22:22:22.  Maybe
somebody from Philips can tell us how it really works.

-- J.S.

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