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Re: HD recorders

>The playback pictures were fine. Everything else was a nightmare. Ridiculus
>jogging/Slo-mo system. No pix-in-shuttle. VITC? Rubber-band shuttling
>The Framestore was problematic too.
Well, I guess things look better when viewed through the retroscope with
about  number two locon on the lens.

I do remember the lack of visible picture in shuttle, and the patchwork
slomo/jog/still system.

But I also remember less chroma noise (much tighter vectors), and a
superior image to the other formats available at the time. Also, the
portable version (BCN-20) was at the time the only broadcast quality
portable that would work on a roller coaster. The much larger scanner on
the Sony portable would slow down or stop when the coaster went through
certain loops. It was pretty funny to watch the gyroscopic effect happen
(unless you were the producer).


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