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RE: still film through TK

	Martin writes...
	 > If you shoot with a still camera, the most painless process
requires a few
	 > simple steps/rules:

	I contend that the most painless procedure involves finding an Ursa
with Metaspeed and set it to 8-perf. (or find a Spirit with 8-perf software)

	Also, you may NOT want to rotate the still camera 90 degrees as
Martin suggests. You can get a little more than 6 out of the 8 perfs worth
of image in an unmodified 35mm gate on an Ursa. (more on a Spirit)

	Finally, if you cannot find an "8-perf" capable telecine, you could
transfer 4-perf at 29.97fps (for NTSC,anyway) and use a DDR running at 2X
speed (interpolation-off) to toss the "bad" frames, thus avoiding the use of
an Inferno (type) suite.

	Randy Reck

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