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Re: still film through TK

I hit "send" before adding some comments. Sorry.

> I contend that the most painless procedure involves finding an Ursa
>with Metaspeed and set it to 8-perf. (or find a Spirit with 8-perf

True.  I was going for something you could do in most "garden-variety"

> Also, you may NOT want to rotate the still camera 90 degrees as
>Martin suggests. You can get a little more than 6 out of the 8 perfs worth
>of image in an unmodified 35mm gate on an Ursa. (more on a Spirit)

I've seen it get really messed-up by doing it this way because
frame-to-frame composition might change and, depending on the intended
effect, you'll find yourself pan/scanning every single frame.  A lot of
work.  Very expensive.
If the photographer learns to frame and shoot as though the frame was
constrained to the orientation and sizing produced by a motion-picture
camera, the problems are minimized.

This is such a specialized technique that I would say it would be important
for the client talk to his/her colorist, graphic artist and facility to plan
how to achieve the desired effect.

>transfer 4-perf at 29.97fps (for NTSC,anyway) and use a DDR running at >2X
speed (interpolation-off) to toss the "bad" frames, thus avoiding the >use
of an Inferno (type) suite.

The DDR solution works fine...depending on the application. An Inferno (or
similar) system would allow you to do things with the material that you
couldn't achieve if limited to the equipment in a typical telecine
suite --stabilization, for example. In that sense it is a more general

I'm sure there are a number of neat (and better) ways to do this sort of

Hmmm... how about those neat very-high-res Kodak CCD still cameras?


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