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RE: Dailies

Hi Wilf and the Tiggers (no relation to the bouncing thing)

I am the Facilities Manager at a dailies house in London.

We are in just the same situation as you. More complex jobs for no more
money. Poor or non existent camera sheets. Camera sheets that read 'Super
16' when the cameraman has shot on double perf.

Need I go on?

You are not alone !

Maybe I should write a book titled: 'Dailies for Dummies'

Jeff Booth

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> Sent: 01 July 1999 02:48
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>     I have been sitting quietly stewing about the talk of a low end
> "dailies" machine, but I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE. (sorry).  I feel
> that the cost
> of video dailies reflects the investment required in order to provide the
> services requested.

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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