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Re: Re: HD vtrs

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> 1978 was a bad year to be a facility buying vtrs. There was no right choice.
> Quad was clearly dead, 2 inch Helical IVC 9000 was great technically but no
> more financially viable than Quad, 1" A and 1" B were both doomed a year
> later. The best choice was 1"A as at least it could be upgraded to C. 

Many thanks to Jim for a fascinating bit of history. That brought back
many memories of trying to keep those early vtr's running while on the
road with CBS Sports ( ast voltage really didn't mix well with high
humidity (well, actually fog!) in some trailers - I saw some heads catch
fire at Belmont <g> ).
I'd like to comment on the idea of going with "upgradeable" machines
though, sometimes the upgrade is a little more involved than a quick
board swap or software patch. As I recall, the service/schematics manual
for the VPR-1 was one very thick binder - the update instructions were
two very thick binders!
Thanks again Jim!

Richard Torpey
MTI/The Image Group

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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