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Re: Dailies


 I have watched this thread with great interest and want to add a couple of
comments.  While it is absolutely true that 'dailies' have become more and
more difficult and involved,  I don't feel overwhelmed.  A properly equipped
Telecine bay gives us tools that automate many of the tasks outlined by the
contributors to this conversation.   And poor communication from production
is nothing new.  What I see as the biggest problem is a lack of really good,
experienced Colorists who specialize in the Dailies process.  Many Colorists
feel that they are too experienced to be burdened with these extra tasks and
refuse to be labeled 'Dailies' people.  And a lot of facilities think that
they can take the least experienced people (and lowest paid), make them
Dailies Colorists and expect them to handle the task. Then they complain
about things like poor notes because the so called Colorists lack the
experience to 'fill in the blanks'.
  Dailies are the most difficult form of Telecine projects that I have ever
worked on.  And I love the challenge that each new project brings.
Fortunately the work has barely begun.....

    Chandler 'Randy' Coonfield
Colorist,  Matchframe Video Burbank
randycoonfield at mfv.com
doctorpepper at msn.com
doctorpepper at thevine.net

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