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RE: Dailies

> I am the Facilities Manager at a dailies house in London.

Well I don't know which dailies house you are at in London but I've had
S35 transferred as standard, S16 transferred as standard, in both cases
the sheets were clearly marked and the slates were also marked.

I've had a dailies house tell me that they were transferring s35 when to
anyone with half an eye it's obvious that not all the image is there, when
I insisted that they zoom out far enough to show the perfs in the transfer
it turned out they couldn't because they only had a 75% gate, whatever
that is! this is having told my client that the off centre framing is down
to me.

I could go on and on but it's just bore everyone.

I used to shot both G&D and Kodak Grey+ charts with frame outlines matched
to groundglass but as nobody ever took the slightest bit of notice and
corrected all my "mistakes" I've given up, I expect my dailies to look
appalling, I'm occasionally pleasantly surprised.

The only place I've had consistently good dailies from id The Warehouse,
thanks Martin!


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