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The discussion on dailies is interesting.  I think one thing that
most folks don't appreciate fully is that dailies is a unique product
line, just as feature mastering and commercial work are.  As such, 
it is more than simply saying, "I've got a few free TK hours at night
that I could use for dailies."  It requires special equipment, sure,
but more importantly it requires a commitment to detail and flexibility
the likes of which are not usually encountered in traditional TK work.

Clients are much more sophisticated these days, and utilize state-of-
the-art equipment and techniques (flex files, film composers, DATs, 

Simply put, if you're going to be in the dailies business you need
to bite the bullet and put in the time and effort (and take a few
lumps along the way).  You need to have people who live for the
opportunity to pore over data files.  You need people who sleep 
and breathe audio post-sync.  And you need people to handle the 
lab-TK interface.  It's hard, but a good product rises to the top,
and that's how you can make money in the dailies business.

CLAIMER:  I DO work for a company that provides full-service dailes.


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