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Re: Dailies

Wilf Giovanella wrote:

>     I have been sitting quietly stewing about the talk of a low end
> "dailies" machine, but I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE. (sorry).

Nice rant!  'Best summary of these dilemma (ae?) I've ever seen.

But . . . how to convey to the client that you are entitled to some recovery of
the expense of equipment and time while at the same time expressing your desire
to service their interests?

The only equation I've ever seen that adds up is to do enough of this work
(bulk, the less demanding stuff) to recover the cost of the time value lost in
servicing the complex requests.  And . . . in a perfect world . . . over time
you may even become efficient at it and realize a real return.

You've either got to jump into this mess with waders on, or just stop spitin'
in the wind.

Best to all,
Tim Bond

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