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Re: Dailies

Wilf --

The only thing I would add to your very thorough treatment of this
subject is that dailies fall into two major categories:

For feature films, they need all the time code, key code, edge number
and logging stuff, because they're going to use the dailies only for
offline editing, like a work print, and later cut the irreplacable
camera original in accordance with all those numbers.  So, they tend
to be anal about the numbers.

In episodic TV, we never touch the negative again.  The images that go
on the air are online assembled from the digital betacam dailies.  So,
we tend to be anal about the quality of the image and anything that
might impair our ability to manipulate it later in post.

You're right that dailies for either case will newer be quick easy
money for any facility.

-- J.S.

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