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need TK for S16mm shoot

Dear Colorists,

I'm a DP that just finished a S16 indie film (1930's period) in Oklahoma City.
the director has a small budget (approx 4,000) to transfer his 4 hrs of color
neg to beta. Fotokem offered him a rate of 175 for one of their older rooms
(FDL-60?) but i told him id ask around and try to find him something better. 

anyone want to take on a cool little indie film? i'd like to find someone who
likes this kind of thing.

i replaced the original DP on this one and only shot the last half of the
film. the director cant afford me for TK so i offered to do it free if he can
fly me in. so if i can find a better deal for him i can attend, and with two
DPs (and i had no dailies to preview) i'd really like to be there.

we have 20 camera rolls processed and prepped at fotokem and 20 more rolls
still unprocessed. would anyone like to take this project in? its visually
driven and should be fun. 

thx all, 

caleb crosby
DP, New Orleans
504. 482. 0258

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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