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Re: Dailies

     Many Colorists
> feel that they are too experienced to be burdened with these extra tasks and
> refuse to be labeled 'Dailies' people.  And a lot of facilities think that
> they can take the least experienced people (and lowest paid), make them
> Dailies Colorists and expect them to handle the task. Then they complain
> about things like poor notes because the so called Colorists lack the
> experience to 'fill in the blanks'.

>     Chandler 'Randy' Coonfield

There's a real paradox going on here.  There seems to be a stigma
surrounding dailies work, that it's somehow "beneath" an experienced
colorist to do it, yet at the same time dailies require a great deal of
technical skill and attention to detail.  Facilities often don't want to pay
a colorist salary for dailies work, so they use assistants, and then don't
get the results they want.  I don't really see a lack of talent ready and
willing to do this kind of work.  The problem lies in the fierce price
competition and razor thin profit margins that facilities have to deal with,
and highly skilled colorists who want to be paid well for their efforts, and
I can't say I blame them.  It's a tough business to make money in.

Phil Voss

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