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Information, Compression, and storage.

	This may be a tough question, and maybe there isn't an answer. However
I'm wondering about compression and data rates and the such. Certainly
I'm no expert in compression, and I understand that with things like
computer programs there are such things as Lossless compression (e.g.
PkZip and PkUnZip - although there are others I know). I'm curious about
compression and how it applies to Transfers and distribution of the
final material.
	Granted that different digitizing cards handle the process differently,
and some, in my opinion, with more pleasing results than others with the
same data rates ( which leads to a whole different thread).
	From what I understand NTSC Broadcast is 3.5 Megabytes per second ( 300
KB per frame),  when you talk about digitized signal for broadcast. Is
there a way to correlate that to Analog? Images and signals that have
never been digitized?
	Basically I'm curious about, NTSC Broadcast Information rates, compared
to: Standard NTSC Transfers,  1K transfers,  2K transfers, Data Rate
Transfers, HD transfers (uncompressed if there is such a thing?). Also
I'm curious about how much these figures change once you add in
compression. I don't understand how much compression 50:1 actually is,
because It seems that everyone just uses different math to show that
although they are compressing, they aren't really.
	I'm interested in not only data/transfer rates for the telecine, but if
anyone also knows about Data/???? rates for broadcast, or other forms of
distribution. Of course this ties into the Digital Projection issue,
however I am also interested, because I am seeing really bad digitizing
Artifacts popping up on Television. Most recently watching a program on
one of the BIG three Networks, and their pre-taped introspective pieces
all had really bad compression. Jaggy movement, and skin tone gradations
that made people look like they were part of a topographical map.
Standard disclaimer, I don't work for a transfer house, or broadcaster.
Just wondering what is happening to the nice friendly box I used to
watch too much of as a child.

Steven Gladstone

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