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Re: Information, Compression, and storage.

> I won't get in the way of the experts and their compression ratios, but
> just think about this one for the moment. You Steven, like I do, have the
> opportunity to sit in a telecine suite and see the output straight out of
> the back of a Spirit or an URSA or a C-Reality. That, as we all know, is
> about as good as it gets.

True enough, but I would also volunteer that neither of you (or anyone else
here, for that matter) can tell the difference between that direct output
and playback of the same material recorded on a Digital Betacam (at about 2
or 3:1 compression). Data compression, properly applied, is what makes
digital video even remotely practical. I would counter the argument that
uncompressed streams are the only "correct" way with the statement that
given "average" picture subjects, there's a hell of a lot of wasted data
space in an uncompressed stream. That's not to say that you're not going to
lose anything or cause some problems when you start trying to achieve very
high compression ratios of 50:1 or more (as in the case of broadcast HDTV).
But the mild compression applied in machines like DCT and Digital Betacam is
what's made what we do today, at the prices we do them, possible.

Mike Most

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