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Re: More IP information please

<<I'm surprised that the general comment received about grading feature films 
from an IP indicates that around 15 hours is all that is needed to do a 
proper job using this film format.>>

Well, that may depend on the intended usage of the transfer master, and what 
you mean by a 'proper job'. For example, I have done many 10-12 hour masters 
from an IP that are used exclusively for advertising and marketing a film on 
television prior to theatrical release. While these masters look very good 
overall, they are little more than 1-lites with some of the bumps smoothed 
out. Sometimes, that's all that is required. But when it comes time to master 
a film for the home video/TV market, the process usually takes anywhere from 
8 or 10 days to 3 or 4 weeks, and in some cases months. This of course 
depends on many factors, and involves creating multiple versions formatted 
for different markets. In most cases, the time involved has little to do with 
the type of source element. By that I mean that the job doesn't take that 
long just because we use an IP. A lo-con print can have many of the same 
timing(grading)issues, and of course the pan/scan work involved is the same, 
no matter which element is used. A much more determining factor is the 
involvment of the filmmakers, as well as the speed and expertise of the 

David Bernstein
High Definition Telecine Center
Universal Studios 

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