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Re: Information, Compression, and storage.

John Sprung wrote:
> Let's start with a little thought experiment:
 So, our 4:1 compressed show would certainly look better than the
> lower resolution uncompressed show.  
I don't understand. Are you starting from the lower resolution and then
Compressing? Or are you starting at the higher resolution 1440 by 960,
and then compressing that? So you are saying then that Transferring once
at 720 by 480 and then a second time at 1440 by 960 and then compressing
the 1440 by 960 with a 4:1 ration . Then even though they take up the
same amount of space, the compressed version looks better?
> >

Thanks for the info. So sad to see my Bliss go.

Steven Gladstone

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