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Re: Lighthouse Routers

Steve Winawer writes:

> Does anyone have any experience that they can share about this product?
> are building a new facility and are considering them for 601 and all
> Thanks much -
> Steve Winawer
> Pfizer, Inc.
> 212-733-4731


We have a Lighthouse router...  There are quite some problems with that have
not been solved.  The router is actually designed for audio facilities in
the first place.  One of the main problems is that audio and video does not
switch simultaniously and the audio does not change in the vertical
interval, one channel at the time....  At the same time, they had promised
us software upgrades since newyear which we did not received yet!!!!  The
router is software driven...  we have to reboot our computer too many times
to say it is a stable system...  But it can be powerfull because the system
is easy expandable...  If... it does everything that has been promised.....

Feel free to give us a call at 310-207 7079

tarcis verfaillie
senior colorist VDI Media West

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